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我們的主要目標是提供幫助 並支持ALK陽性肺癌患者及其家屬。確診後有各種各樣的情緒是完全正常的。您可能會感到憤怒、震驚、不安或擔心。給自己時間接受和理解您的診斷以及這將如何影響您的生活是很重要的。 ALK 陽性肺癌是一種相對未知的肺癌形式,因此您可能有很多問題。您可以隨時向您的醫療團隊和支持團隊提出任何問題。

作為慈善機構,我們提供廣泛的幫助和支持。這可以在線獲取 - 例如在 Facebook 或 Zoom 上,或親自獲取 - 例如我們每兩年一次的論壇會議*。我們還鼓勵我們的會員為您通過 ALK Positive UK 聯繫的其他患者安排見面會和社交聚會*。 *請注意,由於 Covid-19 大流行,這目前不合適

We do not provide medical advice but our members collectively have a wealth of experience that they are happy to share.

We provide patients with the information that they need to have meaningful discussions with their healthcare providers about their treatment

You can contact the charity for advice by email, website or telephone.

If you ask a question on our Facebook Support Group, you can be assured that you will receive useful answers.

We hold regional lunch-time meet-ups throughout the country where you can meet and exchange experiences with fellow patients.

We hold a national free weekend conference each year where you can hear and question ALK+ experts.

We offer free Life Coach courses to help patients and their close families to cope with their diagnosis.

We hold monthly online coffee mornings where the conversation might be about ALK+ , holidays or anything else.

We hold weekly online exercises classes with the emphasis on strengthening bones and muscle and you work to your own level.

We have a website where you will find a wealth of information about all aspects of ALK+ lung cancer.

We can provide advice on obtaining a second opinion.

We can assist you if you wish to complain about your treatment on the NHS.

We have a DVLA Panel that can provide advice in the event of you losing your driving licence as a result of brain metatases.

Patient Booklet full pic.JPG

This booklet has been produced by ALK Positive UK to provide as much information as possible to newly diagnosed patients and their families.

It includes information on treatments, side effects, next steps, your medical team and what ALK+ lung cancer is, as well as other information and a glossary.

Patient Perspective Front Page.jpg

The purpose of this document is to empower patients to be involved in and better informed about their treatment.

It suggests key questions that patients might like to ask their oncologists.

The document has been endorsed by leading ALK-positive oncologists.

我們有兩個 面向患者及其家人的私人 Facebook 群組。第一組是病人和他們的照顧者 分享好消息和壞消息,我們都在這種疾病的起起落落中相互支持。 ​

第二個是給 ALK Positive UK 的朋友們,在這裡我們分享關於 ALK 陽性肺癌和我們工作的重要更新和一般信息。

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Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.

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