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Changing Perceptions of Lung Cancer




ALK 陽性肺癌是一種相對罕見的肺癌,由間變性淋巴瘤激酶基因的異常重排引起。   絕大多數患者不吸煙,  一半的人年齡在 50 歲以下,有些人要年輕得多,而且大多數是女性。  成立於2018年,我們的宗旨是:

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我们希望英国所有被诊断患有 ALK 阳性肺癌的人:

Our Mission


   ALK Positive Lung Cancer (UK) exists to


  • Support the ALK+ lung cancer patient community.

  • Empower people affected by ALK-positive lung cancer.

  • Advocate for improvements in the diagnosis, treatment and care of ALK-positive lung cancer across the UK.

  • Represent the voice of the ALK-positive lung cancer community.

UK's only ALK-positive lung cancer charity that


We provide a forum where patients and their families can exchange information about their diagnosis and treatment, and where they can give and receive mutual support.​​


We are a source of information for patients so that they are better informed about their condition and, as informed patients, they are empowered to ensure that their health care providers employ best practice.


We advocate on behalf of  patients to ensure that they receive a high level of care wherever they live in the UK and to promote improved patient outcomes. We campaign for early diagnosis so that more patients can be cured.

我们被 NICE(美国国家健康与护理卓越研究所)认可为一个可以就新的 ALK 阳性治疗进行咨询的组织。我们与其他相关组织合作,并开展了多个联合项目。我们参加肺癌肿瘤学家和护士的会议,在那里我们宣传我们可以为他们的患者提供的服务。 

Our Values


  • We are welcoming in our approach and put the needs and interests of patients with ALK-positive lung cancer and their families first, treating them with the respect and empathy that they deserve.

  • We are passionate about our work – our passion is driven by a deep personal connection to ALK-positive lung cancer which means we are highly committed and determined.

  • We always act with professionalism and integrity and our activities are based on the best available evidence.

The benefits of joining a support group

如果您居住在英國患有 ALK 陽性肺癌,或者您的家人或密友是,請在下面填寫您的詳細信息來加入我們,我們會與您聯繫
或致電 07783 134437


If you are a patient, family or friend and would like to join our Support Group, please click

This is a private Facebook support group of over 600 members in the UK and where you will be able to receive support from fellow patients, receive answers to your questions and exchange experiences.


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了解 ALK+ 肺癌

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在醫學界了解更多關於 ALK+ 肺癌的信息

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Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.

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